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Crybaby Ranch Tina Welling's Debut Novel

Crybaby Ranch, Tina's first novel, is about a woman who has only known herself through her relationships and now those relationships are falling away. Suzannah creates a new life for herself, building it one step at a time from what she loves.

With winsome optimism and raw passion, Suzannah traces a dazzling arc across the breathtaking Western landscape as she explores just what it means to stand on her own.


"…life-affirming debut…Suzanna's happy ending is a well-earned one that readers of inspirational fiction will appreciate." -Publishers Weekly

"CRYBABY RANCH twists and dances like a bouncing bronco, but, beneath the humor beats a strong foundation of heart." -Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of DEEP END OF THE OCEAN

"CRYBABY RANCH follows the up and down and all around adventures of a brave woman who's willing to ask questions we've all asked ourselves. The writing is vivid and will hold you through to the end-bringing home fresh answers to old questions about strength and weakness." -Clyde Edgerton, author of SOLO: My Adventures in the Air

"A more winning heroine than Suzannah…would be hard to imagine. From page one, we are in love with this wry, insightful, funny survivor of the Sandwich Generation, squeezed between her mother's Alzheimer's and her husband's detachment. In reflections both luminous and humorous, she charts her way to love and independence." -Sarah Bird, author of THE BOYFRIEND SCHOOL and THE MOMMY CLUB

"Women and men are suddenly revealed in CRYBABY RANCH, an illuminating arc-of-life writing that unfolds in a rich detail of simple and complex feelings." -Craig Johnson, author of THE COLD DISH and DEATH WITHOUT COMPANY

"Like a cliff diver, Tina Welling's fiction flies, tucks, and slices into the dark depths of her characters. She writes with insight, humor, and complete control. If they ever make compassion an Olympic sport, Tina will have a room full of gold." -Tim Sandlin, author of HONEY DON'T

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